Operational principles

Nordic Casemix Centre coordinates the maintenance, updating and further development of the NordDRG system. The Centre continues the work started at the Nordic Centre for Classifications in Healthcare at Uppsala University.


Developers interested in producing and marketing authorized NordDRG grouper software must apply for a "Certificate of Acceptance". 

The specifications

NordDRG definition tables and the NordDRG Manual may be used to produce DRG grouper software. These specifications can be used to produce grouper software using different computing languages, different architectures and for different computer platforms.

The result of DRG grouping

Results produced by that software must be identical with the results from the Nordic reference grouper in order for a product to be considered as NordDRG compliant.

Third party information

The NordDRG owners are not liable for, and make no warranty regarding the functionality of the version of the software to any third party. The third party is prohibited from exploiting the NordDRG system.

Goals and Tasks

The participating organisations own the NordDRG system and they may continue using it even if they would resign from the cooperation. The owners have transferred the rights to develop and maintain the system to the Nordic Casemix Centre.

NordDRG definition tables

Represented as a set of tables available in Excel and dBase® formats. A NordDRG grouper has to comply with the tables and the interpretation rules in the NordDRG Manual. 

NordDRG Manual

NordDRG Manual documents the grouping rules of the NordDRG system. The manual consists of a set of HTML and other linked files containing the documentation of NordDRG. 

NordDRG Forum

NordDRG Forum is an edited freely available open electronic discussion forum for questions about NordDRG and proposals for updates. The forum also contains documentation of changes made to the NordDRG system each year. 


The annual maintenance and updating of the NordDRG system is performed according to a specified protocol and to a decided timetable. 

Updating process

The definitions are directly based on the primary classifications
The Steering Board of Nordic Casemix Centre endorses any proposed changes to the common version of the NordDRG
The updating process is performed by qualified experts and staff

Development & innovation

Experts from the Nordic countries will participate in joint projects
All owners have a reasonability to share knowledge on the field with the other Nordic countries
The steering board of Nordic Casemix Centre will work actively with development and innovation

Sharing information

The importance of information sharing has an increasing value for the NordDRG cooperation. There is a clear need for education of different stakeholder groups and although the activity is not for profit, more organized marketing activities are necessary.

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