Expert Group

The NordDRG Expert Group is the main advisory group and forum for discussions about NordDRG maintenance, performance evaluation and development work.

The Expert Group meetings are arranged at least twice a year (in early spring and early autumn). The suggestions for yearly updates of the combined NordDRG are based on recommendations from the Expert Group.

The members of the Expert Group have expertise knowledge of DRG system and they represent clinical, economical and other relevant expertise. The number of the members in the Expert Group is not limited. The members of the NordDRG Expert Group are appointed and financed by the participating national organizations.


Katarina Bjerg-Holm
kabh a


Helga H Bjarnadóttir
helgab a

Birna Björg Másdóttir
birnamas a

Arna Hardardottir
arnahar a


Malle Avarsoo
malle.avarsoo a


Lilija Tararina 
lilija.tararina a   

Lelde Giga
lelde.giga a

Kristine Putnina
kristine.putnina a


Kristin Dahlen
kristin.dahlen a

Annlisbeth Sandvik a

Anja Fagervold
anja.fagervold a

Hanne Osnes-Ringen
hanne.osnes-ringen a

Jostein Bandlien
jostein.bandlien a


Elina Hermiö
elina.hermio a

Mikko Hannola
mikko.hannola a

Taru Lehtonen
taru.k.lehtonen a


Ralph Dahlgren
ralph.dahlgren a

Mats Fernström
mats.fernstrom a

Liselotte Säll
liselotte.sall a

Veronika Stemme
veronika.stemme a

 Jonas Danielsson
jonas.danielsson a


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