Nordic Casemix Cooperation

Roles and Responsibilities of the Nordic Casemix Cooperation

Nordic Casemix Cooperation fulfills the needs of the participating countries in supporting casemix system development, in healthcare benchmarking and analyses to improve quality and efficiency, and in promoting knowledge and understanding about content and use of Nordic Casemix Systems to stakeholders at all levels of healthcare.

The Nordic Casemix Cooperation is based on mutual understanding of the participating national organisations. 

The participating Nordic national organizations (as members of the Nordic Casemix Centre) at the official meeting of the association decide on the principles of the cooperation and nominate the board of the association. The board of the association is the steering board of the Nordic Casemix Centre. 

The participating organisations own the NordDRG system and they may continue using it even if they would resign from the cooperation. The owners have transferred the rights to develop and maintain the system to the Nordic Casemix Centre.

The participating national organisations are responsible for delivering national versions of primary classifications to Nordic Casemix Centre. Nordic Casemix Centre is responsible for the timely production and quality of NordDRG definition tables and related materials.

Comparison of hospital activity and efficiency based on NordDRG products i.e. benchmarking is a key element of the casemix work. This benchmarking should include both productivity and quality. Nordic Casemix Centre is responsible for comparative analysis of data collected and delivered by the participating national organisations.

Each member has the responsibility for promoting knowledge about the Nordic Casemix Systems nationally. The level of promotion should be according to the specific national requirements.

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