Programmes for assignment of patient cases to different groups in NordDRG system are produced by third party producers. For use at hospitals the countries have different arrangements and different producers are active in different countries. 

Certified groupers

The result of DRG grouping produced by that software must be identical with the results from the Nordic reference grouper in order for a product to be considered as NordDRG compliant. After acceptance, a certificate will be issued with an announcement on the NordDRG website.

The certificated groupers are available by clicking the links below:

Updated Certified NordDRG 2020 Groupers.pdf
140 kt, updated on Apr 21st 2020
Groupers 2019.pdf
115 kt, updated on Jan 2nd 2020
28 kt, updated on May 20th 2018
24 kt, updated on Mar 6th 2017
26 kt, updated on Mar 6th 2017
28 kt, updated on Oct 13th 2015

Groupers from earlier years are available on request.

Latest Definition Tables

The Norwegian definition tables can be found from:

Other countries definition tables can be found from this file: 

Definition Tables 2016
8 Mt, updated on Apr 27th 2016

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