The Strategy of Nordic Casemix Centre

We will inform of the New Nordic Casemix Cooperation strategy later this yeae

Nordic Casemix Center´s strategy is approved by the Nordic Casemix Center´s owners. This version is accepted in the Nordic Casemix Center´s autumn meeting 25th of November 2013 and it is effective for year 2020

Nordic Casemix Centre gathers the Casemix and classification expertise and enhances the professional development and mutual learning. Nordic Casemix cooperation is based on policies on an active cooperation and a steered process that guarantees continuity in expertise in healthcare classifications and Casemix.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Nordic Casemix Centre develops and maintains as a Nordic cooperation common Nordic Casemix systems to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare. Nordic Casemix Centre fulfills the needs of the participating countries in supporting Casemix development to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Vision: The Nordic Casemix work is up to date and built on common Nordic goals and the Nordic area collaborates actively in the work. The systems will be transparent and used by all countries. The center supports actively healthcare benchmarking and analyses, and promotes knowledge and understanding about content and use of Nordic Casemix systems.

Values and Operational Environment

Values of Nordic Casemic Centre

  • Open availability of all material including definition tables of NordDRG 
  • Openness, trust and mutual respect between all the participants 
  • High quality and effectiveness of the work 

Operational Casemix Environment is in constant change

Health care environment and activities are in constant change. Casemix systems have to adapt constantly to these changes. Changes that has influence to Casemix are been identified 

  • Analysis and research use of Casemix
  • Rapid action to satisfy user needs (owners) 
  • Changes on national level, organization, reimbursement needs and health care systems 
    To be able to work for these strategic goals the Casemix work must have 
  • Sufficient, accomplished and motivated attitude in the cooperation 
  • Controlled and stable finances 
  • Modern and adequate technology 
  • Good management 
  • Confidence of stakeholders

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