Goals and Tasks to reach the Strategic Statement

With the following goals and tasks Nordic Casemix Centre ensures that the Strategic Statements will be reached

Strategic Statement 1.

Nordic Casemix association promotes of knowledge, understanding and feasibility on Casemix. The Association works in close collaboration with decision makers, health care experts and other stakeholders by ensuring that the system is broadly used and well known in participating countries. Nordic Casemix co-operation has no active goals to expand NordDRG system to new countries.


  • Promotion of knowledge understanding and feasibility of Casemix
  • Support that education of Casemix will be on curriculum level


  • Nordic Casemix Conferences
    • Arranging together with local host 
    • Active participation 
  • International cooperation 
    • PCSI 
    • Other Casemix systems 
  • Participation in events organized by key stakeholders when invited
  • Meetings and discussions with each participating country individually regularly
  • Develop statistical models to make Casemix more familiar and understandable for users of different target groups
  • Target groups are constantly redefined
    • Target groups analysis 
    • Target groups marketing plan
    • Target groups education
  • Active and accurate communication using modern technology. This means home page development- Websites are updated regularily

Strategic Statement 2.

Grouper development maintenance process is developed continuously to assure deliveries of good quality. With continuous development of working process with modern tools this is possible without major increase in resource use. 

  • Nordic Casemix association develops the groupers by working actively in development projects that follow the common Nordic guidelines and goals.
  • NordDRG Forum based on ticketing system and version control are essential 
  • Benchmarking is one of our key methods to analyze the quality of groupers and new features of Casemix systems using national data.


  • Grouper development work is more simple and more understandable in future
  • A steered maintenance process is a key to assure delivery in time and the sufficient quality of the end produc
  • Management of grouping process and definition tables works with modern tools
  • Development will be based on the existing groupers also in future 
  • The work in projects must be refreshed.
  • Key projects for the future years are in the areas of outpatient care, primary care and episodes


  • NordDRG updating and maintenance processes and principles has yearly evaluation and improvement
  • NordDRG Update Process Timetable is in active use and process is in time every year
  • Ticketing system and version control is adapted and in use to improve efficiency, productivity and quality
  • Close co-work between national experts and Nordic Casemix Centre
  • Co-work between Nordic Casemix Centre and the Board is efficient
  • NDMS project is in use and helps the maintenance process
  • Projects are managed effectively, in good collaboration with national bodies
  • Each project has common goals and joint workshops and they are discussed in Expert group meetings
  • Priority list of the projects is maintained by Expert group and board
  • Benchmarking and comparison between groupers - Quality evaluation of groupers
  • Limited number of products in future DRG is a common goal

Stategic Statemet 3.

Nordic Casemix development has strong relation to primary classifications and their development. It follows the latest international and Nordic work on health care classifications and participates in classification development actively.


  • To develop and maintain tools to compare and combine information from national versions of primary classifications 
  • The primary classifications are included in the NordDRG definition tables and the NordDRG Manual to facilitate the use of both NordDRG and the classifications


  • Yearly development of ICD+ , NCSP+ maintenance, NDMS project 2014
  • Participation to classification development on Nordic and when necessary on further international level
  • Follow up of ICF 
  • Participation in WHO development work and ICHI

Strategic Statement 4.

The NordDRG definition tables and the NordDRG Manual are public to allow different software producers to develop competing grouper programs


  • The NordDRG definition tables and the NordDRG Manual must be publicly available to allow different software producers to develop competing grouper programs 
  • Access to grouper software that conforms to the NordDRG standards and national needs must be guaranteed through an agreement with one software developer 


  • Service providers are decided to shop around with regularity in order to get the best offer.

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